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Jill Cruz

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Love is at the core of all TRUE success

About Me

My name is Jill Cruz. I’m a Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist. I also lived through a 15-year long nighttime disordered eating habit. I overcame my unhealthy relationship with food by embracing three things: Slow Down, Supercharge, and Sustain.

Now, I help other women like me, who are fed up with yo-yo dieting, to lose weight in a sustainable and enjoyable way without feeling deprived. How do I do this? By working with your nature, not against it.

I have a Master Of Science Degree in Human Nutrition from The University of Bridgeport and practicing as a functional medicine nutritionist since 2011. I combine scientific curiosity with evidence-based, individualized nutrition and lifestyle strategies, as well as my own life experiences to help my clients achieve their goals long-term.

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